Esposito Collection | The Story
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ESPOSITO is a sophisticated system of dressing. It is not just a collection; it is a lifestyle. It is an expression and extension of who you are as a person, your body, and your soul. ESPOSITO menswear collection embraces the inner essence of masculinity.

The designer Amanda Esposito creates illustrations and turns them into wearable designs that are bold, brash, and unique, resulting in the combination of luxury, colorful designs, and casual sensuality. Using jacquard fabrics with texture and cotton so soft to the touch, her designs capture the magnificence and richness of Europe’s timeless and iconic culture. She works to create the next generation of menswear that will grace fashion magazines and stylish men alike, world wide.

As a child, Esposito was drawn to the color red, a symbol of dominance, integrity, passion, and celebration Of particular influence was the object Esposito admired most in her youth: her parents 1974 Stingray Red Corvette. The designer spoke about that car everyday, and years later, she finally landed herself her own ‘Little Red Corvette.’ Taking the color Formula One Red and combining it with her Taurean sign, she had the perfect recipe for design and inspiration: strength, tenacity, virility, and power. The powerful color red pops up continuously throughout this collection-including beneath the collar and at the cuff, lining the collection with passion and attitude. ESPOSITO’S pieces will most definitely turn heads and attract admirers.

The button down shirts will take you from a day at the office to after work drinks at the hottest of night spots. The more casual line is also appealing with well-cut polo shirts in a variety of flattering colors, which would look great on the golf course or even at the marina. Many men ask about dressing for a date or how to keep current with their look. ESPOSITO is a fashion forward collection that consists of ultra-stylish men’s ‘Ready to Wear’ and has that certain appeal that seems to drive the women wild. The ‘signature’ of the pieces is most definitely in the flattering cut and attention to detail.

The exclusive aspect of Esposito Collection, beside the bold use of red as an accent, the flattering cuts and high-end fabrics, is that this line is unique and has it’s pulse on what is the new, next, and now in fashion.